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Our client's are our priority. 
Our mission is to help our clients live with peace and happiness in their hearts, bodies and mind through releasing unprocessed energetic baggage from the past.

At Tame your Mind, we believe everyone's
well-being journey is unique

That's why we offer personalised energy healing through Emotion Code®, Body Code®, and Belief Code®.
These powerful tools address the root causes of emotional, mindset and physical issues, promoting lasting change. 

If you're here because you are interested or have experienced the wonders of energy healing, thanks for visiting - we're here to help.

We appreciate that the concept of energy healing is not acceptable to everyone - that's why we offer a diverse range of services such as life coaching,
hypnotherapy and music therapy through the Tomatis® Method to help people be the
best versions of themselves that they can be!

Debbie can give you more information if you'd like it.

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Disclaimer: There is no guarantee or warranty that energy healing will cure any illness, condition, misalignment, infection or other - it is a tool just as any other energy healing modality, natural medicine or medical model medication is.

Our Clients

The vibration of emotions, beliefs, pathogens, toxins, trauma and many other things can cause all sorts of issues in our lives and rob us of peace and/or happiness.

Our purpose is to empower people to bring peace and happiness into their lives by supporting them to release the energetic vibrations that do not serve them.
Some of life's challenges are listed below:

Physical issues such as:

-Chronic pain and chronic injury - joints, muscles, teeth, bones, ligaments and tendons

-Toxicity - from heavy metals, vaccinations, chemicals, mold, medications, venom

-Inability to recover from viral, bacterial and fungal infections such as: Long Covid, Epstein-Barr, Lyme Disease, Stomach Ulcers, some Urinary Tract infections and Candida

-Delayed wound healing

-Mystery pain - may be random or constant but has no known cause

-Fatigue and low energy

-Digestive problems

Emotional issues such as:

-Unprocessed emotional trauma

-Grief and loss

-Difficulty with emotional resilience

-Relationship issues

-Feelings of anxiety or depression

-Fears and Phobias

-Inability to reach goals

-Inability to feel connection with others

-Difficulty trusting others

-Feeling stuck or unmotivated

-Difficulty letting go of the past

Mindset issues such as:

-Self Sabotage

-Issues with unresourceful Limiting Beliefs 

-Low self-esteem

-Negative self talk

-Feeling disconnected from intuition and/or purpose

Work with Debbie to bring lasting change

Debbie's mission is to empower your transformation. She uses Emotion Code®, Body Code®, and Belief Code® to unlock your natural state of peace, happiness and more vibrant health. 

It's easy to connect with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are diverse -
we also offer:

Tomatis® Method

An at home music based programme for people who are struggling with all sorts of issues.
The music is specially treated to engage and stimulate both the brain and the muscles of the ears that are involved in emotional regulation, attention, balance, co-ordination, auditory and sensory processing and overall well-being.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is all about achieving goals.  Engaging with  life coach gives a person an impartial accountability or thinking partner,  Life coaches also hold space for personal growth empowering their clients toward reaching their goals which may include increasing emotional resilience.


The style of hypnotherapy used at Tame your Mind is visualisation in the form of regression or inner child healing.

By looking back to the past with kindness and without judgment we can learn how the past reflects into our present and future and begin to understand ourselves at a much deeper level.

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Please Note:

Tame your Mind is not a Medical or Mental Health Agency or Service. 
We are not trained medical or mental health professionals. 
Our training is to help clients move beyond life challenges that they believe are holding them back. 
While our services this may contribute to increasing a person's overall emotional resilience, it is not a replacement for dedicated medical or mental health help, support, diagnosis or advice.
If you are looking for a mental health service please click the link below for a list of agencies providing assistance.